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Worm Castings

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Earthworm castings are considered some of the highest quality forms of compost for brewing compost tea.  Worm castings contain large populations of beneficial microorganisms along with naturally occurring plant growth hormones, and a number of enzymes.  This diverse biological community helps to breakdown organic matter, build humus and soil structure, assists with water and nutrient retention and the recycling of valuable nutrients into forms easily used by plants. 

These organic worm castings are produced by worms fed a diet of food wastes. 

Worm Castings have been recognized to:

  • Improve; the germination rate of seeds, root development and the growth rate of plants.
  • Increase the biological diversity and microbial activity within soil, thus improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.
  • Suppress plant related disease outbreaks and increase the ability to fight insect infestations.
  • Accelerate composting systems and the decomposition of organic matter.