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Black & Elder Farm

Cloth Dish Cover

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These handmade dish covers are double layered 100% cotton fabric with an elastic hem.  These kitchen toppers can be used to cover bowls, dishes, plates and casserole dishes and more.

Easy to use with versatile uses around the kitchen. Having more reusable options in our home for everyday use helps to create a more ecofriendly household.

Use a fabric dish cover instead of reaching for that plastic wrap that offers a one time use.  Use a fabric dish cover to replace 
plastic lids that are missing or cracked.

5.25 million Americans used 10 or more rolls of plastic wrap in 2018*. That’s 52 millions rolls of plastic wrap making their way to a landfill just in one year. We all know, this is not okay and at what point do we make better choices?
Now is the time and we’ve got solutions for you: Reusable Dish Covers.

Small fits up to 5"
Medium fits up to 8"
Large fits up to 12"

Reversible - Machine Washable