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Kelp Meal

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Option A- Harvested along the Icelandic coastline, mineral-rich mountain streams, and arctic sea waters come together to create the perfect conditions for growing the finest seaweed harvested anywhere in the world.

Option B- Is a blend of kelp meal from multiple sea water sites

Both options are harvested with responsible stewardship and dehydrated with geothermal energy 


Kelp Meal is cut fresh, cleaned, desalted, dried slowly, and ground into a nutrient rich, dust-free meal. Thorvin Kelp Meal is certified organically grown kelp and is OMRI listed as a certified organic livestock supplement.  These organic kelp meals are a feed grade source of kelp and is the finest natural growth stimulant.  Organic kelp meal is environmentally friendly and can be safely used around trees and shrubs, on lawns/ athletic turf, added to container gardens and incorporated into organic vegetable gardens.  This organic kelp meal can be broadcast, used as a top dressing, applied when amending soils or transplanting, and brewed into a nutrient rich kelp meal tea.

Kelp Meal Tea Recipe:

  • Mix ¼ cup of kelp meal into one gallon of water, let it steep for 2-3 days (agitating it daily). If you use the tea as a foliar spray, strain the solids out using cloth so that it won’t clog your sprayer.

Dry Application Rates:

  • Amending Soil: Apply 1 lb. per 100 square feet or 50 row feet crops (for rows 2' wide)
  • Transplanting: Add 2-3 tbsp into the soil per planting site
  • Established Plants: Work 1/8 - 1/4 cup of Kelp Meal into the soil around existing plants
  • Broadcasting: 1 - 2 lbs. per 100 sq ft.
  • Compost Tea: 3-4 tbsp per 5 gallon compost tea brew

Livestock Supplement:

  • Blend at 1 to 2% of total feed ration or feed free choice. Great for cats, dogs, poultry, horses, sheep, goats, beef and dairy cows.

 One pound equals 2.5 cups

NITROGEN (N) ...................................... 1.0%
PHOSPHORUS (P) ................................. 0.0%
POTASSIUM (K) ..................................... 2.0%

When used as a fertilizer, organic kelp meal also provides; Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), and Zinc (Zn). Thorvin kelp, Ascophyllum Nodosum, contains at least 60 trace minerals, over 12 Vitamins and 21 Amino Acids (including the 17 considered vital) at a fraction of the price of mined minerals and synthetic vitamins. Used by farmers for its rich value, seaweed provides plants with a wide range of nutrients, growth bio-stimulants and conditioners.

How Seaweed works:

Sea Kelp contains a large complex of soluble trace elements that help plants with mineral deficiencies.  It also contains important growth stimulants, which have a tremendous effect on seed germination, root development, and general growth.

  • Organic soil amendment and natural fertilizer
  • Stimulates development: Kelp functions as a catalyst increasing the chlorophyll levels within your plants and chlorophyll production, helping them to use the sun’s energy more effectively thus promoting stronger, healthier growth.
  • Feeds the soil: Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants.  Kelp helps to improve soil health and provides an excellent food source for the organisms that cycle nutrients and feed plants.  A diverse soil ecosystem with a good source of food will help to create an extended root system, giving your plants greater access to nutrients and water in the soil.  Kelp is an excellent food for compost as well.
  • Natural resistance: Stimulating beneficial soil microbe activity creates a biological barrier in the root zone where the greater numbers of beneficial microbes out-compete pathogens, improving your plants natural resistance to environmental pressure.
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