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Fulvic Acid

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Fulvic acid is one of the best natural bio-stimulant products available.  Fulvic Acid helps to stimulate plant growth, improves the uptake of minerals and supports natural resistance to environmental stresses.  This soluble Fulvic Acid is completely derived from plants with a 90% minimum content of organic fulvic acid.  Plants have an immediate response to Fulvic Acid in as little as 4 hours with signs of increased root growth or stress recovery can be identified within 2 days.


  • Accelerates production of nucleic acids
  • Enhances photosynthesis and respiration
  • Increases cationic exchange
  • Improves plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses

Application Rates:

  • Root Drench / Hydroponic: 1 tbsp / gallon of water
  • Foliar Spray: 1-2 tsp / gallon of water (add 2-3 drops of a planted based liquid soap or a wetting agent)
    • Can be combined with our Soluble Kelp Powder to make a wonderful health tonic for your plants
  • Rooting / Cuttings: If your cuttings are slow to root, or if the leaves start to turn yellow and fall off, try using a fine mist of fulvic acid and kelp at a 5:2 ratio.
  • Compost Tea:

Fulvic Acids are intermediate chelators.  Chelates are organic molecules that attach to mineral ions like a claw holding them, making them available to plants.  Fulvic acid surrounds mineral ions and helps to transport them through the cell membrane of plants and release them inside the cell making Fulvic Acids a powerful tool for mineral deficiencies in plants.  Fulvic Acid has a much smaller molecular weight than humic acids, and is more biologically active, making fulvic acid the best choice for using in compost teas.

Virginia Tech performed a 10-year study on organic biostimulants finding that five parts of humic acid combined with two parts of Soluble Kelp Powder worked 50% better than either product alone.