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Fermentation Cover

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Our Fermentation Cover is a versatile solution to keep gnats/fruit flies off your fresh produce and out of all your fermented food processing.  Let's face it, gnats/fruit flies happen and keeping fresh produce or fermentation crocks on the counter can be a challenge.  These elastic mesh bags are the ideal solution for keeping gnats away from your fresh produce, fermentation tanks, or your countertop compost bins.

Our elastic mesh bags are designed to fit a 5-gallon pail and are large enough to cover bowls of fresh produce, a standard fermentation crock, a gallon jar, beverage spigot jug, table top compost bin or a 5 gallon bucket.  These mesh fermentation covers are ideal for keeping gnats/ fruit flies off of your fermented beverages such as jun tea or kombucha teas.  The consistent tight weave of the mesh fabric leaves no opening gaps in the fabric that can happen with the loose weave of cheese cloth or gauze fabrics.

Made in the USA with breathable fabric and elastic.

Fermentation Cover is machine washable.