Mycorrhizal Relationships

Below you will find a list of the well known and often grown plants that form and benefit from a mycorrhizal relationship.

ENDO Mycorrhizal Plants:

Acacia Cassava Gardenia Mesquite Rose
Agapanthus Ceanothus Garlic Millet Rubber
Alder Cedar Geranium Mimosa Ryegrass
Alfalfa Celery Grapes Morning Glory Sagebrush
Almond Cherry Grasses, perennials Mulberry Saltbrush
Apple Chrysanthemum Green Ash Myrtle Serviceberry
Apricot Citrus, all Guayale Nasturtium Sequoia
Artichoke Clover Gum Okra Shallot
Ash Coconut Hackberry Olive Snapdragon
Asperagus Coffee Hawthorn Onion Sorghum
Aspen(Endo/Ecto) Coral Tree Hemp Pacific Yew Sourwood
Avocado Corn Herbs, all Palms, all Soybean
Bamboo Cotton Hibiscus Pampass Grass Squasht
Banana Cottonwood (Endo/Ecto) Holly Passion Fruit Star Fruit
Barley Cowpea Hostas Papaya Strawberry
Basil Crab Tree Impatiens Paw Paw Succulents
Bayberry Creosote Jatropha Peas Sudan Grass
Beans, all Cryptomeria Jojoba Peach Sugar Cane
Beech Cucumber Juniper Peanut Sumac
Begonia Currant Kiwi Pear Sunflower
Black Cherry Cypress Leek Peppers, all Sweet Gum
Blackberry Dogwood Lettuce Pistachio Sweet Potato
Black Locust Eggplant Ligustrum Persimmon Sycamore
Blue Gramma Elm Lily Pittosporum Taxus
Box Elder Eucalyptus Locust Plum Tea
Boxwood Euonymus Lychee Podocarpus Tobacco
Buckeye Fern Mahogany Poinsetta Tomato
Bulbs, all Fescue magnolia Poplar Violets
Cacao Fig Mahonia Potato Walnut
Cactus Flax Mango Pumpkin Wheat
Camellia Flowers, most all Maples, all Raspberry Yam
Carrisa Forysthia Marigolds Redwood Yucca
Carrot Fuchsia Melons, all Rice Willow (Endo/Ecto)


ECTO Mycorrhizal Plants:

Alder (Endo/Ecto) Birch Filbert Linden Poplar
Arborvitae Chestnut Fir Madrone Spruce
Arctostaphylos Chinquapin Hazelnut Manzanita Willow (Endo/Ecto)
Aspen (Endo/Ecto) Cottonwood (Endo/Ecto) Hickory Oak  
Basswood Douglas Fir Hemlock Pecan  
Beech Eucalyptus Larch Pine  


Around 5% of the world's plants are non-mycorrhizal. Here is a list of the most relavant to agriculture/horticulture:

Azalea Brussels Collards Lingonberries Rhododendron
Beet Cabbage Heath Mustard Rutabaga
Blueberry Carnation Huckleberry Orchids Sedge
Broccoli Cauliflower Kale Protea Spinach