Organic Fish Fertilizer

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Brown’s Organic Fish Fertilizer is a cold processed fish hydrolysate produced in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.  Brown's Organic Fish Fertilizer is made from the freshest trout grown in the cool, crisp Blue Ridge Mountain streams.  C.R. Brown Enterprises has developed this outstanding organic fish hydrolysate certified for use in organic gardening and farming applications.  This 100% organic and natural fish fertilizer will provide you with long-term improvements in plant growth and soil health.  Produced through a cold process the fish’s enzymes transform the fish parts from solids to a liquid.  This enzyme-digested fish is then held in a tank to ensure a consistent liquefied product which is further filtered for ease of solution and application.  Brown's Fish Fertilizer is an outstanding stand-alone fertilizer and an excellent fungal food source for use in compost teas.

Brown’s Fish Hydrolysate:  

  • Is OMRI listed and easy for organic gardening use
  • Vastly improves soil structure
  • Grows beneficial bacteria and fungi for better nutrient and moisture retention that the plants need
  • Reduces the compaction of the soil making it loose and airy
  • Helps to increases the humus layer in topsoil
  • Acts as a great foliar spray to bring the nutrients directly from the leaves into the plants
  • Helps keep the nitrogen in the soil to be released when the plants need it
  • Has been known to out perform chemical fertilizers with much higher N-P-K values
  • Works great as a compost enhancer
  • Has a shelf life of years, as long as it is undiluted
  • Highly nutritional, protein fertilizer packed with micronutrients and amino acids

Why should you choose organic and natural fertilizers?  The answer is simple.  Organic fertilizers feed the microbial life within your soil increasing populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi thus improving soil structure, nutrient and moisture retention, further improving the health of your soil and plants.  Organic fertilizers are safe for your family and are environmentally friendly.  Don’t compromise your health and the nutritional value of your plants.  

Brown's organic fertilizer has an extensive shelf life as long as it’s free of excess water.  The organic fish hydrolysate process is revolutionary and unlike any of our competitors. A fish emulsion is where the product is cooked, killing a lot of the heat sensitive nutrients, and the oils are taken out and sold separately.  Brown's Fish Hydrolysate is great for any type of garden because it is cold processed and all the ingredients are left in.  Brown’s fish Hydrolysate is the ticket to guaranteeing healthy soil and plentiful crops. 

Our country relies heavily on farming crops and gardens for produce. Plants, grass and vegetables all need a healthy base in order to grow. Fertilizer is an essential component to making this happen. Chemically induced fertilizers are commonly used, but research is now showing the negative effects of using such products. 

In the past many have chosen to go towards chemical fertilizers, which have had devastating effects on our soil’s health as well as the nutrition of our food.  Brown’s Organic Fish Hydrolysate is very different from these health-stripping, chemical fertilizers.  We know that healthy soil structure is the most important factor of long-term gardening and growing, and that is what we strive to give our growers.  The continued application of Brown’s Fish Hydrolysate brings the nutrients back into the soil and makes the soil come to life.  The microorganisms in the soil, being nourished and well fed, provide the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and productive plants.


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    Definitely recommend

    Posted by Ryan Williamson on 9th Jul 2018

    So far plants are loving this. I’m using the recipe using this and earthworm castings with a few amendments to get mycelium going, works fantastic.