Leaf Out - Vegan Grow Formula

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This Leaf Out Blend is formulated for growing and establishing plants.

These easy to use tea bags are loaded and ready for success.

Contains 4 Tea Bags


1- Drop 1 tea bag into 1 gallon chlorine free water

2- Steep for 10 minutes or until contents in tea bag are dissolved

3- Agitate

4- Apply enhanced tea to plant root zone

Ingredients- Organic Plant Based Formula, Organic Fulvic Acid

Plant Based Vegan Fertilizer is a water soluble, certified organic, plant derived source of nitrogen. 

 Plant Based Fertilizer provides 60+ grams of readily available nitrogen per pound.  This organic vegan fertilizer contains 80% amino acids derived from non-GMO soybeans.  Soybeans contain the highest level of the amino acid glycine found in plants.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the primary components in the production of cells in humans and in plants.

  • No soil leaching
  • Will not burn plants
  • Will not cause salt accumulation

This water-soluble vegan-fertilizer contains 13.51% Nitrogen (N) and is; OMRI Listed, certified CDFA Organic Input Material, and approved for use on any CCOF farm.

 Fulvic Acid is one of the best natural bio-stimulant products, helping to; improve the uptake of minerals, stimulate plant growth, and improve the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses. Fulvic Acids are intermediate chelators.  Chelates are organic molecules that attach to mineral ions like a claw holding them, making them available to plants. Fulvic acid surrounds mineral ions and helps to transport them through the cell membrane of plants and release them inside the cell making Fulvic Acids a powerful tool for mineral deficiencies in plants. Fulvic Acid has a much smaller molecular weight than humic acids, and is more biologically active, making fulvic acid the best choice for using in compost teas.

This soluble Fulvic Acid is completely derived from plants with a 90% minimum content of organic fulvic acid.  Plants have an immediate response to Fulvic Acid in as little as 4 hours with signs of increased root growth or stress recovery can be identified within 2 days.