Handmade On The Farm

Offering hand made fabric creations is a part of practicing a holistic approach of living life doing what I love. When not in the garden or orchard, or canning, drying or freezing garden abundance, there is peace and happiness found in my sewing studio. 

Creating functional house wares for everyday use such as the ReUsable towels, the French Press Cozy or Tea Pot Cozy that are used everyday, then reused again and again. All the house wares are machine washable for the busy household. 

The Bottle Bags were created to carry with or gift those homemade concoctions such as the blackberry vinegar, home brew beer or wine, jar of honey or jams, Kombucha or Jun, you get the picture.

The Organic Fabric double drawstring bags are an everyday use for throwing those washed apples, or the fresh loaf of bread that are going on the car ride or to the favorite picnic spot. The organic fabric supports organic farming and the use of natural dyes for our environment. 

The Flag - Bunting - Pennant - Banners are a great substitute for balloons or throw away paper garlands that shine for a brief day then go into the trash. These fabric Flag decorations are easy to hang anywhere to announce something special is right here, a party or a simple picnic made special because we can. The point is reusable and not putting single use items in the trash as much as possible. Also, these are a classic that have been around for centuries as a festive application in multiple and diverse cultures.