Essential Elements Tea Bags Organic Bio stimulant

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Ready to use tea bags for easy organic soil application.
Contains 12 tea bags
1- Apply tea bag to 1 gallon chlorine free water
2- Wait 10 minutes or until contents have dissolved from the tea bag
3- Agitate
4- Remove tea bag
5- Apply enhanced tea to plant root zone
This tea bag is a mycorrhizae inoculant containing trace elements essential to maintain plant health.
Essential Elements provides a diverse selection Mycorrhizae spores to innoculate soils with beneficial fungi species and a broad spectrum of micro-nutrients essential to plant health. 
Micro-nutrients also referred to as trace minerals are essential to proper growth in plants.  If any one of the elements are missing from soil, then plants can never be completely healthy (much like humans lacking some essential vitamin or mineral in their diet). 
The microbial activity of the mycorrhizae fungi will help break down organic nutrients into a forms available to plants.
Add Essential Elements Tea Bags to any organic fertilizer for optimum soil response to aid in plant uptake.