Eliminator 200 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

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The Eliminator Reverse Osmosis System provides a pure filtered water source for your home. Incoming water first passes through a one-micron sediment pre-filter that removes excess particulate matter that may cause the membrane to become plugged. The second stage is a five-micron carbon block pre-filter. This removes organics and chlorine from the feed water. Water finally feeds through dual reverse osmosis membranes and these high-rejection Thin Film Composite (TFC) membranes remove over 98% of most inorganic salts and all microorganisms in the water. This unit filters approximately 200 gallons per day and is particularly suited for filtering municipal water supplies.  Enjoy a pure source of water free of pathogens and chlorine ideal for drinking water, home brewing, and hydroponic applications.  The Eliminator Reverse Osmosis System removes many contaminants and unwanted salts that can be harmful to you and your plants.

Available in 100 and 200 gallon per day systems.

3 year limited warranty