Compost Tea

Garden Tea Company is your source of quality ingredients for compost tea. 

Compost tea is considered to be a probiotic for both plants and soil. Much like yogurt is beneficial to the human digestive system, compost tea is beneficial to the digestive system of our soil.  Applications of compost teas help to build a productive and healthy ecosystem. Compost teas are very affordable to produce, can be used on lawns, vegetable gardens, annuals, perennials, houseplants, shrubs, trees, orchards, forests, and vineyards with no threat to pets, livestock or humans. 

If your want to produce the best quality compost teas then you need to start with quality ingredients (that's where we come in), offering a fine selection of organic ingredients for producing compost tea.  When fed the proper ingredients your home brewed compost teas will come alive providing an organic source of nutrients and the biological life needed to help build an ecological diverse and resilient soil ecosystem.   Actively aerated compost tea and homemade fertilizer teas can provide a healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides and works to help build a productive and healthy soil ecosystem.

  "The point of applying compost tea is to return the biology that should be present, to grow the desired plants with as little effort as possible.  There can be no question that presence of beneficial organisms improves plant growth" -Dr.Elaine Ingham et al, 1985, USDA Soil Biology Primer, 1995

Join the revolution, declare your fertilizer independence and brew your own, your plants will thank you!