Beekeeping at Black and Elder Farm

Apiary at Black and Elder Farm

About our Beekeeping Practices

    We view ourselves as stewards of the honeybee; our primary focus is the long-term health and prosperity of the colonies within our care. We view beekeeping as a form of community service that enhances the ecological environment where bees are present, and we are happy to serve. We do not use any pesticides, chemicals, organic acids, essential oils, antibiotic, or stimulative feeding all commonly used in modern beekeeping.

    An apiary (also known as a bee yard) is a location where honeybee hives are kept.  Our primary (home-based) apiary at Black & Elder Farm is surrounded by a mix of hardwood forests, open pastureland, and is located within a short flight to the French Broad River basin. We also maintain a honey producing apiary in the Black Mountain / Fairview, NC area that is surrounded by steep mountain forests.  These two locations provide a diverse selection of natural forage for our honeybee colonies.

About our Honey and Hive Products:

            ~ Raw/ Unheated    ~ 100% Natural    ~ Unfiltered    ~ No Sugar Added    ~ Chemical Free    ~ Antibiotic Free    ~ Produced in Buncombe County, NC

    We are dedicated to producing high quality pure and natural products from the hive. We do not use any chemicals, antibiotics, or pesticides in our beekeeping practice or in any aspect of our farm. We allow our bees to produce 100% pure natural beeswax comb, built as they see fit. We do not rely upon an annual honey harvest or any particular product of the hive such as wax, propolis or pollen as an agricultural commodity. Only in seasons of excess do we share in the abundance produced from the generosity and industrious labor of the honeybee.

    Our honey products can be classified as raw, as we do not use any heat in our honey extraction or bottling process.  Our honey can be classified as unfiltered, as we only strain the honey to remove large particles of debris.  This ensures a high quantity of pollen is present in the liquid honey. Honey is a unique and unpredictable agricultural product.  Micro climates, weather patterns, soil conditions and unique blooming periods throughout a given season will produce flavors that seldom repeat themselves.

Queen Bee from Black and Elder Farm






  Black Mountain, NC Apiary