Sumatran Bat Guano (8-3-1)

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Sumatran Bat Guano (8-3-1) is an excellent all-purpose natural fertilizer that promotes strong, healthy, and abundant growth.  The Sumatran guano based natural fertilizer has a higher nitrogen content with a modest amount of phosphorus and potassium to help nourish heavy feeding plants plants or those in a vegetative phase of growth.  Sumatran Natural Fertilizer is an excellent organic choice to hep transition plants from vegetative growth into the early stages of their flowering cycle.  Sumatran Bat Guano can be applied as a top dressing around existing plants, worked into the soil as an amendment and is extremely effective when brewed into a liquid fertilizer ("guano tea") and applied directly as a soil drench.  There is nothing like guano tea for accelerating healthy growth.

A Basic guano tea recipe is as simple as mixing:
  • 1 - 2 Tbsp of guano
  • 1 gallon of chlorine free water
  • * 1 tsp molasses
  • * 1 tsp soluble kelp


For best results actively aerate with a Garden Tea Brewer and serve to your plants fresh