Soluble Kelp Powder

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Soluble Seaweed Extract (0-0-17) is a concentrated organic kelp made from cold water Norwegian kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) and provides over 60 assorted chelated nutrients and growth enhancers, including an extra potassium boost for plant metabolism.  This OMRI listed 100% organic natural plant food contains a wide range of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and naturally occurring hormones that stimulate plant growth.  Soluble Seaweed is an excellent source of food for both beneficial bacteria and fungi.  Sea kelp is an excellent source of potassium and increases available nitrogen to plants.  Soluble kelp is a highly effective natural plant fertilizer and organism food that enhances seed germination, promotes healthy root development, increases disease resistance, and accelerates leaf shoot and stem development.

Soluble Seaweed Extract can act as a stand alone organic fertilizer, can be added to; custom soil blends, hydroponic reservoirs, and serve as a food source for microbial growth when brewing compost teas.

Nitrogen (N)............. 1%

Phosphorus (P)......... 0%

Potassium (K)........... 4% in the form of K2O

Application Rates:

  • 1 tsp/ gallon of chlorine free water
  • 2.50 oz will make 50 gallons of a general purpose fertilizer