Soil Block Supplies

Soil-blocks are an economical and efficient way to grow young plant starts, from seed, for your farm or garden without the use of plastic containers.  Homemade soil blocks create a healthy environment for your vegetable seedlings, producing vigorous plants with roots that will quickly become establish upon transplanting.  By using locally sourced coarse sand or grit and farm produced compost homemade soil blocking can help to reduce the expense of imported peat based potting mixes and plastic containers.

Soil Block Recipe

- Place the 2 coco coir bricks into a wheelbarrow
- Add 3 gallons of water and allow the coco coir to absorb the water and expand (15-30 min.)
- Loosen the coco with a rake or hoe and add the rest of the ingredients mixing thoroughly as you go.  
- The mix needs to be fairly wet to form nice blocks.  Add water as needed to keep the soil blocking mix nice and moist. 
- Once thoroughly mixed, push the soil block maker into the soil blocking mix and press tightly.
- Squeeze the soil blocks out and lay them out on wooden boards or in potting trays. 
~This recipe makes approximately 200 of the 2-inch soil blocks~