Cottonseed Meal

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Cottonseed Meal 6-2-2 is a plant derived source of organic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that will serve as a slow-release all-purpose organic fertilizer for acid loving crops.  Cotton seed meal is ideal for acid loving plants that benefit from a low pH such as blueberries, strawberries, brambles, potatoes, roses, azaleas, and rhododendron among others.

Application rates:


Apply 3 to 6 pounds for 100 foot row

1 to 2 year old plants use 1/2 cup per transplant site

Feeding established berries mix into the soil surface area 1 cup and watering in thoroughly every early spring

Vegetables and flowers:

Starting off new beds apply 3 to 6 pounds for every 100 square foot area

Feeding established areas mix into the soil surface 1/4 to 3/4 cup depending on the type and age of plants and water in thoroughly

Trees and Shrubs:

Apply 1 pound per 1" trunk diameter spreading out to the drip line and mixing into soil surface area and water in thoroughly

Transplanting new trees add 1 - 2 cups mixed into the fill soil and water in thoroughly